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Referral Management Solutions

On-site and automated patient referral management solutions that increase provider visibility and eliminate inefficient workflows in order to minimize network leakage.

Conventional Referral Workflows:
Inconsistent, Inaccurate and Leaky

Traditional referral management workflows rely on the referring provider’s knowledge of in-network providers. This leaves health systems susceptible to errors due to lack of provider visibility or inefficient workflows, which often lead to misdirection of referrals and eventual patient leakage.


Upgrade Your Referral Process from Start to Finish

Odoro’s referral management solutions prevent patient leakage by ensuring that patients are referred accurately and efficiently, regardless of providers’ knowledge of their referral network. Our dialogue based, referral matching solution lets referring providers quickly obtain a list of optimal appointments with in-network providers by simply entering the details of the referral into an interactive dialogue.
Having identified all suitable appointment options, patients can then use Odoro’s automated referral scheduling solution to instantly self-schedule their referral appointments from the list of appropriate in-network providers.

Increase Provider Visibility

With Odoro, patient-provider matches no longer rely on providers’ knowledge of their referral network. Our SchedLogic™ technology presents providers and staff with the optimal in-network providers every time. That eliminates any visibility problems inherent in traditional referral workflows.

Eliminate Inefficient Workflows

Our dialogue and self-scheduling based workflows are built to get patients from referral request to a scheduled appointment as soon as possible. By eliminating time-consuming and error-fraught processes from the scheduling workflow, Odoro can guarantee health systems are referring at maximal efficiency.

Reduce Misdirected Referrals

Odoro’s referral management solutions engage providers and patients with accurate in-network matching and convenient referral scheduling. This eliminates common causes of misdirected referrals, such as extended time between appointments and patient-provider mismatching.

Automated Referral Scheduling

Our Automated Referral Management solution gives patients the convenience of self‑scheduling while still allowing health systems the control they need.
After the referring provider enters the patient’s needs using Odoro’s dialogue- based workflow, the automated referral system sends the patient a link to a web page where he/she can select from a curated list of in-network providers that best suit their needs.


Interactive Dialogue Workflow

Odoro’s workflow eliminates the need for time-consuming provider searches by having referrers utilize a dialogue designed to pinpoint the patient’s needs.
Odoro’s SchedLogic™ technology then combines the information collected in the dialogue with the patient’s historical data in order to generate a list of optimal appointments.

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