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Athena Health Consulting

Our experience will help make your implementation a seamless and educating process

We don’t waist your time, we give you time back!

Let our knowledge help your business.Some of these services include:

Athena Health Encounter Form

Hiring or retaining a highly skilled employee that knows how to build advanced encounter forms can be an expensive cost to your organization. Training an employee on how to build encounter forms can be very time consuming, difficult and also an expensive task. That’s where MD EMR Systems Athena Health Encounter form support option comes in. Read More…

EMR & Interface System Analysis

Our Rep will come on site and do a thorough analysis of your complete EMR and Interface environment. The site visit can take up to 3 days to complete and you will be provided a detailed summary of recommendations. Read More…

Athena Health EMR and PM Deployment

Purchased Athena Health EMR from Virence and want some advanced help in deploying it? Redsigning workflows from paper to electronic is our specialty, call us for a quote today! Read more…

Clinical Workflow Analysis and Design

Did you just purchase an EMR? Are your office visits taking too long because of inefficient workflow processes. Let us analyze your current processes because we have found that with our knowledge and expertise, we can save you time when meeting with a patient, ensure that you have covered all your health needs and maintained a safe environment for your staff and the patient’s. You can use us for your yearly workflow redesign meeting Read more…

Project Management

All our team members are properly trained on how to be a good project manager. We use a tool called Active Collabe that will keep all clients up to date on there task, deadlines and meeting notes at all times. Read more…

Patient Portal Support

Purchased Athena Health patient portal from Virence and looking for alternative options for deployment? We are the #1 Consulting firm for deploying Patient Portal and Secure Messaging. We have seen and helped design every unique scenario to date. Virence chooses us for their deployments and so should you! Read More…

Athena Health Portal eForms

Need a Health questionnaire, past medical history, ROS, Social History or any other custom eform that can also push to an encounter form then look no further. We have building custom eforms for the kryptiq/surecripts portal for many years. Read more…

Athena Health Consulting

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