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MDEMR Systems has been in business as the industry leader in Healthcare database migrations for over 15 years. Whether it is one of the common EMR solutions or a home grown EMR application, we will provide the most complete patient data extraction to meet your data extraction needs. We even provide complicated patient record divorcing from shared chart records and deliver in numerous formats per request.

MDEMR Systems data extraction experts have successfully extracted and mapped thousands of healthcare data records from hundreds of legacy EMR systems, EHR records, and other clinical systems as well as patient accounting applications. Whether a small provider or a large hospital, we can pull discrete and non-discrete data from even the most archaic systems and migrate necessary patient data while offering EMR archival for records that must be maintained. MDEMR systems has years of experience with data archive products and transferring your data warehouse using a proven, repeatable approach and we offer the application in both a local VM install or hosted in our AWS cloud.

EMR to EMR Migration

Sometimes it’s time to move, sometimes it is time to upgrade but either way you are migrating! Our EMR to EMR Migrations cover all your needs and it’s what we call our specialty in the business. Read More….

Data Archiving

Our Data Archiving process involves taking your data out, putting it in our storage software and training you on how to access this data in a readable and user friendly manner.

For a more details of our data archiving, Click here

Data Divorce

We understand that sometimes you need to move one or perhaps you just need some space! Our Divorce process is effortless, pain free and long term! Read more

Data Merge

When two becomes one can be a special moment and we understand that. We are the data match makers so let us guide you through the process to ensure the match will last forever. Read more

PM to PM Migration

From one system to the next, from old to new either way this is what we do which is get your data from point a to point b. Read more


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